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  • A Revit® to web solution built on Autodesk® Forge®.
  • Easily manage a configurable, modular Kit-of-Parts content library.
  • Centralize your data in the cloud & enable easy project scaling.


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The Revit to Cloud Configuration Software
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& GCs
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  • Unified and distributed content.
  • Assign roles and user permissions to limit the users that can make changes to your organization’s standard content.
  • Simplify collaboration among teams working from multiple locations.
  • Use repeated graphic content in projects without Revit Groups.
& Developers

As presented at Autodesk University 2019 mainstage

Any Project, Any Size, Anywhere

Frequently Asked Questions

A Kit-of-Parts is a system of reusable components that can be mixed and matched to create an almost endless array of design options and building types. This is often a rules-based system driven by various constraints (manufacturing, constructability, design standards, etc.).

No, it’s not. A Kit-of-Parts can be used by anyone, even if they are not taking a prefab, modular or Industrialized Construction (IC) production approach. Implementing a Kit-of-Parts approach gives you repeatable design elements that include design guidelines or constraints you want your company to adhere to. As you begin to move toward manufacturing, it’s easy to progress to using additional features, such as Bill of Materials or prefabrication/IC-focused workflows, which continue to automate the process.

We make working with a Kit-of-Parts easy and accessible. With KitConnect, your expert designers and product engineers can manage DfMA rules/design guidelines and content directly from Revit to the cloud, and share that cloud library across multiple projects, design teams and external organizations. With our single source of truth managed in the cloud, we eliminate distributed systems of content management, design guidelines and parts tracking with our integrated Revit to Web solution. We lower the barrier to entry to work with configurable content so all of your designers can focus on what they do best… making great buildings.

No, it’s not. KitConnect can be used wherever you have repeatability. A bathroom layout which may be repetitive throughout a building is a great example of repetitive content that could exist in the KitConnect Content Library. The content does not need to be produced off-site, it can be constructed in the traditional means and methods on a jobsite. By using KitConnect you ensure that you and your team adhere to the design intent and reduce repetitive modeling.

It’s because the content within the library is coupled with rich information such as how it is pieced together, or simply its constraints allowing us to run an audit that behaves almost like a model checker.

Yes, it can. The KitConnect Content Library is in the cloud which makes it a scalable solution to share your content with more stakeholders. When you already have a large library, you can make them KitConnect-ready and then publish them to the KitConnect Content library, or you can create the parts in Revit and publish them to the KItConnect Content Library.
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