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Using KitConnect to Protect and Preserve Your Intellectual Property

As the Industrialized approach to construction continues to take hold, one of the most frequent questions we’re asked is, 'how can I protect and preserve my intellectual property (IP) and what are the legal ramifications around doing that?' We’re not surprised by the question. In fact, we’ve been asking ourselves the same!

Reducing Design Time

4 Reasons Why Architects and Designers Need KitConnect

For the past few weeks, I’ve been sharing insights about our Project Frog solutions via my 'Monday’s Coffee with KitConnect' video series. If you haven’t seen them yet it's okay, you can just read on for some insights on the challenges faced by design teams...

Creating & Managing Content

How KitConnect Solved The Challenges Around Content Management

A global furniture company, manufacturers and supplies office furniture, including desks, chairs, and shelving. Their furniture systems are much like a configurable Kit-of-Parts – a repository of reusable components...

Reducing Design Time

KitConnect Reduced Data Center Design Times by 40%

Project Frog, a product and technology company, delivers the platform, software and integration tools needed by the Industrialized Construction (IC) industry, to drive mass customization at scale. The company’s solutions automate design and configuration, manufacturing interfaces, and other redundant processes in the AEC world...

Reducing Design Time

KitConnect Reduced Bathroom Pod Design Times by 40%

A global General Contractor located in Europe, is utilizing bathroom pods in almost 75% of its projects. For these projects, there are often four design variations of the pods – single stalls, double stalls, family stalls and handicapped stalls. A bathroom pod, is built in a factory setting and delivered...

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